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Massage/Holistic Courses Glasgow

Massage/Holistic Courses Glasgow

Massage Holistic Courses Glasgow

ILA funding can be used for these courses.

A career in Massage and Holistic therapy treatments offers a wide variety of satisying and flexible career paths for the professional therapist.

On completion of our Accredited courses you will be awarded a recognised Holistic Therapy Diploma certificate so you can obtain insurance and practice as a professional (exception of Intro to Holistic Massage).

Exciting and Varied Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities include within a spa environment, cruise ship, or salon. Of course one of the great benefits of being a professional Massage/Holistic Therapist is the option of self employment.

You may choose to work full time or part time depending on your lifestyle and commitments. The opportunities are endless!

Comprehensive Training Courses

Before you embark on your new career however, you’ll need to acquire the skills to do so. The Scottish Therapy Academy in Glasgow offers high calibre Holistic Therapy training with small class sizes to ensure quality tuition.

You will train in a friendly, relaxed environment and learn the techniques of a range of Holistic Therapies and how to deliver treatments to a professional standard.


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